Saniffer is a professional and dedicated company focusing on server, networking, storage and application performance test, analysis and monitoring solutions. 


    Saniffer's products meet test requirements of most customers from product design and test in server, network, storage and mobile fields, to deployment and operation of applications in data centers . Our products cover solutions like storage interface protocol analyzer, jammer, host emulator, target emulator, exerciser, BERT, load tester and the overall IT application performance monitoring, etc.  Saniffer also released the most used SATA/NVMe SSD test tools white paper in early 2017 - SSD test technology and testing services white paper


    Saniffer markets its own brand of RapidIO analyzer which is widely used in embedded system design fields, including storage, networking, aerospace, telecom, post silicon verification, etc. 

  • Saniffer SRIO                 - RapidIO Gen 2 x4 Analyzer and Generator 

    Saniffer BTS (Batch Test System) focuses on server, storage and laptop automation test in System Integration Test department, which could could expedite test speed greatly and save as much as 75% of test time. BTS covers automated OS installation, driver installation and component performance and function test like CPU, DDR 4, PCIe, Drive, NIC, Display, etc. 

  • Saniffer BTS                 - Batch Test System for Server System Integration Test 

    Saniffer is the distributor of the following solutions in FC SAN, IP SAN and NAS related protocol analysis, test, client and server emulation, impairment and latency emuluation, SAN monitoring.  

  • DinoStor                       - NDMP SDK, Compliance Test, Development and Test Service
  • Quarch                          - SAS/SATA, USB, PCIe, SFF 8639 SSD Hotplug Automation Test
  • SCSI Test Box              - Peripheral Test for FC, SAS/SATA, PCIe, FCoE/iSCSI Device
  • Load Dynamix            - SMB/CIFS/NFS, iSCSI, HTTP(S) and FC Stress Testing System
  • NplusT                           - Nand Flash Tester
  • Triad Spectrum          - Memory and Flash Tester
  • Echola System           - Fibre-cut Simulation Switch, Fibre Matrix Switch
  • GigaNet Systems      - FC SAN, TCP/IP Network Impairment & Latency Emulation
  • CN-100 TTE Tester    - TTE tester to test TTE Switch performance, latency and packet loss
  • Oakgate System        - SAS/SATA/PCIe NVMe SSD and AFA (All Flash Array) Tester
  • QuadStor                      - Storage Virtualization and Virtual Tape Library
  • LTTS                                - LTTS IP for  CSI/DSI/I3C/SoundWire/UFS/USB/SATA
  • SerialTek                       - PCIe/NVMe and SAS/SATA protocol analyzer
  • Prodigy                          - UFS protocol analyzer and eMMC/SD/SDIO analyzer
  • Kazan Networks        - NVMoF (or NVMe over Fabric (100GE) Target Card and bridge controller                            

    Saniffer is the distributor of BlueStripe, which is Gartner named "APM Innovator" and "Cool Vendor" in Application Performance Management. And, Saniffer is the distributor of Uila in mainland China, which is famous for its Application-Aware Virtual Infrastructure Performance Management software. 

  • BlueStripe                     - Application Performance Management Platform
  • Uila                                  - Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Management