Saniffer BTS (Batch Test System) focuses on server, storage and laptop automation test in System Integration Test department, which could could expedite test speed greatly and save as much as 75% of test time. BTS covers automated OS installation, driver installation and component performance and function test like CPU, DDR 4, PCIe, Drive, NIC, Display, etc.


BTS(Batch Test System) intends to integrate auto test flow, OS installation, test tools and auto test technology , it provides test case management, UUT(Unit Under Test) management, auto test execution, report/log system and GUI client auto test system. 


BTS abstracted universal API  layer for each sub system, which is easy to develop the clients or extend to the other system.  Based on API,  we are developing web client, mobile APP client and python command line. 


BTS is also open to import the 3rd party system test cases. 


BTS Framework – Efficiency Case Study

  • Test Server: 112 units (75% test time reduction)
    • Without  BTS2 Engineers ,took ~ 15 Days
    • With  BTS2 Engineers , Took 4 Days , Found 6 types of critical Failure( One Loop take 48h,Test 2 Different Loops)

BTS Framework – OS Support

  • OS
    • Red Hat (PXE)
    • SuSe Linux
    • Ubuntu 
    • Windows Server
    • UEFI
    • DOS
  • Architecture
    • Intel x86/x64
    • ARM


Batch Test System Overview
Batch Test System Overview_Chinese.pdf
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