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SSD Test Technology Share Seminar (1): NAND Characterization Analysis

Webinar : NAND Characterization - Why and How ?


NAND characterization is essential for building high quality mass storage devices like SSDs, as the device firmware has to compensate the read errors inherent to the always challenging NAND technology. The configuration of the optimal error correction strategy is essential to reach the expected lifetime and performance of the NAND devices. The related knowledge can be obtained only by the proper execution of NAND characterization.


In this Webinar, we will show how the NanoCycler technology is able to support the correct and efficient execution of NAND characterization.


During this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the NAND failure modes and about the techniques how to compensate them;
  • About the requirement of an ideal tooling;
  • How the NanoCycler technology reflects all the needs of NAND characterization.

We will show some real-life data generated by the NanoCycler toolset which creates an essential input for the definition of the best lifetime extensions strategies.

SSD Test Technology Share Seminar (2): PCIe/NVMe Gen 3/4  SSD Testing

Webinar: How to test PCIe/NVMe Gen 3/4 SSDs


In this seminar, you will learn how to test PCIe Gen 3 and 4 NVMe SSDs from industry storage test veteran : 

  • Product Validation
    • Functional integrity testing
    • Uncover hard to find bugs
    • Complex traffic generation 
    • Low level error injection
  • Power & Temperature Management
    • Power cycling and measurement on Modules and Enclosures
    • Power and temperature testing with the enclosure
  • UNH IOL Hot Swap and IOT Test
  • Performance Benchmark
    • Consistent, true device performance 
    • Graphs, charts and histograms
    • IOPs, bandwidth, latency, power
  • Automation
    • scripting
    • Integration into customer’s test framework

SSD Test Technology Share Seminar (3): SSD Hotplug & Power Margin Test

Webinar: How to test hotplug and power margining and power consumption for PCIe/NVMe Gen 3/4 SSDs


In this seminar, you will learn how to test hotplug and power margining for PCIe Gen 3 and 4 NVMe SSDs from Quarch (Andy Norrie ) about the following : 

SSD Test Technology Share Seminar (4): PCIe Gen 4/5 Protocol Analysis 

Webinar: How to debug PCIe/NVMe Gen 4/5 issues with SerialTek  Kodiak PCIe Gen 4/5 Protocol Analyzer


In this seminar, you will learn how to use PCIe/NVMe Gen 4/5 protcol analyzer to debug issues with PCIe/NVMe SSDs :

  • Gen4/5 protocol analysis painpoints
  • Gen4/5 analyzer misreadings
  • Gen4/5 analyzer buying pitfall
  • Gen4/5 protocol analyzer introduction for SerialTek
  • Gen4/5 protocol analyzer live demo
    • Demo environment setup
    • Busexpert GUI introduction
    • Trace capture and analysis
  • Q&A