SAS/SATA and PCIe/NVMe Gen 3/4 test adapters, cables, HBA and JBOF

Serial Cables has been helping customers find storage cable, adapter and accessory solutions for well over 10 years. We have the know how to assist you through choosing the correct product for your application and we have the expertise to take you through a totally custom path if needed as well. We understand length, loss, skew, signal integrity, differential signals, etc. to help you make the best choice the first time. Come join the team that so many companies like Broadcom, Intel, Toshiba, Samsung , Sanmina and Data Direct Networks already have! Serial Cables, your “Interconnectivity Specialists”.


Serial Cables founder, a 20+ year veteran of the storage industry. He has been the Director of Sales and/or Business Development for companies such as Flexstar Technology, PTI, I-TECH, Data Transit, Catalyst Enterprises and LeCroy. He had discovered that there were far too many people needing these products and far to few people/companies who truly knew anything about the technology. Have any of you spent tens of thousands of dollars on test equipment and then not had the proper cabling to make everything work? With all this specialized experience in storage interconnectivity and test tools arena, you’ll truly be dealing with industry experts in this field and we can make sure you get the right things that you need the ‘first time’. Serial Cables has formed strategic alliances with our world-class vendors and are able to provide the best quality product at the best price.


In today’s competitive market place, quality is expected, although loyalty from customers through price, service and delivery is earned.


We know and understand what it takes to earn your business.


Serial Cables is committed to meet or exceed all customer requirements through continuous quality improvement, employee commitment to excellence and partnering with world-class suppliers.



Catalog for adapters, extension cables, fixtures, HBA and JBOD used for server, storage and SSD test
Server, Storage and SSD test adapter, ex
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