Saniffer is a turn-key solution provider focusing on storage and application performance analysis, test and monitoring. The name  is derived from combination of two words: SAN (Storage Area Networks) and Sniffer, and it mainly focuses on "2nd network" - SAN (Storage Area Network) performance analysis and test since its inception, now it mainly focuses on protocol analyzers, testers for high-speed buses and  APM monitoring solutions.

    Basically speaking, information technology covers 3 factors - Computing, Network and Storage. With the rapid development on CPU/host speed and network bandwidth, there is a big challenge on storage systems with its bandwidth, capacity, function and reliability etc. To address these requirements, the major storage system manufacturers widely use high speed serial buses like Fiber Channel(1/2/4/8/16/32/128G and future 256G) , Ethernet(GE/2.5GE/5GE/10GE/40GE/25GE/100GE/400GE/800G) with NVMoF, FCoE, iSCSI, NAS related block access protocols and file access protocols like SMB/CIFS/NFS etc, SAS(6/12G/24G) and SATA(1.5/3/6G)etc. In fact, SAS buses was accepted as standard inter-chassis connection between controller box and JBOD, or between JBOD backplane and HDD/HHD/SSD drive. But there is trend to move to 100GE and PCIe connection. To drive the front-end high bandwidth, the internal bus has to migrate from PCIe Gen 1/2 (2.5G/5Gbps) to PCIe Gen 3 /4/5 (8/16/32Gbps) on commercial market, while in embedded design field customers are now moving to open standard serial RapidIO from Gen 1 (1.25/2.5/3.125Gbps) to Gen 2 (5/6.25Gbps), and Gen 3(10/12.5Gbps), and also consumer buses from MIPI, like MPHY/UFS Gear 3/4 (5.8G/11.6Gbps), DDR4/LPDDR5 also reaches higher speed like 3200Mhz and 6400Mhz respectively. All of the above contributes to difficulty to analyze all kinds of issue during the product development process like H/W design, firmware and driver development and system test phase. 

     At the same time, with data center consolidation recent years, the performance of the storage networks is more and more important to customers, many enterprises have started to evaluate SAN network analysis, stress testing and monitoring tools as their next priority task on their schedule. Especially with the deployment of virtualization and private cloud, the storage network performance at the back end will greatly impact the application performance, whether it is for server consolidation or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) application. Saniffer offers industry leading storage performance analysis, test and monitoring solutions covering FC SAN, iSCSI and NAS related protocols like SMB/CIFS/NFS technologies etc.  

    On the other hand, most of customers nowadays have established their own data centers (sometimes called information center, network center, or computing center by different people) since early 1990s, some of them have even upgraded their infrastructures two or three times every 4 or 5 years since then. The complexity of its applications and infrastructure in carrier, banking, securities, gov and some large enterprise companies are even more complicated compared to their counterpart in those developed countries, and the number of the applications systems has increased from several to several dozens or even hundred, many operation teams in those data centers find that it is more difficult to locate the origin of performance issues of application systems, the main reason is that the performance issue will be possibly with any of the factors in the system, like client, server and virtualization, networking, storage systems, middleware, database, operating systems, or application itself. The latest AA-IPM leading company Uila can address the performance issue very well. 

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     The average working experience of employees of Saniffer is above 15 years covering networking, storage, application performance monitoring. We offer customers outstanding solutions on storage network analysis, stress testing, monitoring, optimization and application performance management, we will try our best to satisfy our customers and keep their IT system operating smoothly.