EFTECH eMMC 5.1, UFS 3.0 and PCIe/nvmE Gen 4 ssd tester

The full scale mass market for flash storage has started here and now. It is my firm belief that

the golden age of flash storage has come as indicated by the scale-up of eMMC used for

smartphones and tablets, popularization of SSDs for PCs, explosive growth of server storage

for big data processing and introduction of flash storage for vehicles.


Since its establishment in 2009, our company has grown into what our company name “

Elixir Flash Technology” stands for, whose implicit intention is providing total solutions for

flash storage. We’ve been dedicated to being a world best provider of powerful testing

solutions for storage stability and performance, as well as flash storage-based system perfor

mance acceleration technology. As a result, we started to provide our flash storage solutions

to domestic and overseas semiconductor manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers

and we are on the verge of reaching one million dollar export milestone in 2015.


Our company’s final goal is providing smartphone and vehicle users with fast processing

speed and solutions for safe data preservation through powerful testing and performance

boosting technologies for flash storages.


Our company’s goal is to become a global company based on our core technologies. Today,

as usual, we go forward step by step while respecting our company’s human resources who

dream a better tomorrow through ongoing self-development and are dedicated to achieving

daily goals as one of our company’s core values.


EFTECH eMMC Tester datasheet.pdf
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