Uila System

Company Background

Data center architecture has evolved dramatically in recent years, enabling it to effectively run large-scale, distributed, multi-tier applications across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. To support and ultimately ensure delivery of business-critical applications and services, a distinct architecture has emerged. This complex structure involves dynamic resource sharing over a hyper-converged compute, storage and network physical infrastructure, all supported by a layer of virtualization technologies.



This new, integrated approach to data center architecture offers tremendous operational and business advantages to organizations whose success is dependent upon reliable application service delivery. However, data center monitoring solutions and technology developments have not kept pace with this new wave in data center architecture. Current tools have reinforced the established silos that separate applications, virtual infrastructure, and physical infrastructure as well as the supporting IT teams within the data center. As a result, data center teams have no inter-silo visibility and are unable to efficiently connect the dots between infrastructure and application performance.


A Fresh Approach Required

Uila has a transformational vision that addresses this problem, and empowers data center infrastructure and application teams with a revolutionary new collaborative solution that effectively visualizes and automatically correlates application performance to virtual and physical infrastructure root cause. Monitoring application and IT infrastructure in a virtualized data center calls for an equally virtualized monitoring architecture. The Uila vision completely transforms data center monitoring with a game-changing approach that leverages virtualization technology. The advanced Uila solution delivers faster and more accurate identification of application performance root cause, provides effective remediation, and prevents future performance degradation…while reducing IT total cost of ownership.

Today’s virtualized data centers are opaque to traditional monitoring approaches and enterprise IT lack the tools to be able to correlate application to infrastructure performance to determine what is causing the application slowdown. 


A Data Center’s infrastructure components – CPU, Memory, Network and Storage – may have their own management tools but these tools are incapable of providing visibility to the whole system or correlating that information back to a specific application’s performance. As a result, organizations lack the resources to quickly and efficiently resolve application performance issues and spend the majority of their valuable time engaged in reactive troubleshooting or inter-departmental finger pointing, rather than proactively improving application delivery. 


Uila Application-aware Infrastructure Performance Management allows data centers


Align Infrastructure Performance Management with Application Performance Management

There is no single tool that provides full stack visibility across applications and infrastructure layers in virtualized data centers. Without this converged visibility, infrastructure performance management team is blind to the very applications that it is tasked to support and provision. On the other hand, business objectives delivered by the applications and managed by the application performance management team are unobserved operational goals and unaligned organizational silos. Uila solves this problem by providing a unified view of application and infrastructure visibiity enabling IT Ops to quickly analyze and identify application performance factors supported by the underlying infrastructure. This results in cross organizational alignment in operations and communication.

Ensure Application Availability and Peak Performance by Enabling Proactive Planning

Uila identifies application performance bottlenecks for optimization and maximizes the efficiency, performance and reliability of virtualized infrastructure. Performance trends, anomalies and underlying patterns of behavior are identified using powerful big data analytics and trending reports. All of these capabilities improve application reliability and infrastructure performance. 


Improve IT Efficiency by Reducing Troubleshooting from Days to Minutes

Network Administrators and System Administrators spend enormous amount of time and effort to either determine the root cause of application issues or rule out network/infrastructure problems when these issues occur. Rather than methodically and efficiently identifying root cause to the issue, these teams often have to engage in cumbersome and time consuming troubleshooting process with fragmented and uncorrelated information collected from their siloed tools. Uila delivers immediate root cause identification with correlated, real-time and historical performance evidence of Apps, Networks and Infrastructure information. It also reduces mean time to innocence for the infrastructure team by quickly isolating where the application reliability is root caused to compute, storage or networking components.


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