Quarch Technology Ltd. is a leading supplier of test solutions to the data storage industry. Customers include four of the largest Tier 1 storage vendors and the world's largest supplier of OEM storage Systems.


Its unique systems can reduce the test duration for a development project by 30%, increase product quality and significantly cut capital costs.


Proven benefits include:


Greatly reducing the time for verification, qualification and acceptance tests

Cutting capital costs by reducing the quantity of test hardware needed

Reducing the human cost and human error from the test cycle

Reducing field failures by allowing more in-depth testing

With its proven technology and understanding of the storage industry, Quarch systems are rapidly becoming an essential part of any comprehensive test plan.

Based in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of N.C., BlueStripe is led by an executive team that has built some of the industry’s leading enterprise application management companies, including Wily Technology, Relicore, Computer Associates, Oracle, and IBM/Tivoli.  BlueStripe is a privately held company with investors that have a track record for successful venture companies. 

BlueStripe Software is dedicated to providing customers useful and fairly priced application management solutions, and its mission is to change the way companies manage their important production applications. To that end, BlueStripe provides the only Application Performance Management 2.0 (APM 2.0) solution that immediately gives IT Organizations the visibility into exactly what IT components make up important business applications, where the application transactions go in those systems, exactly where transactions are spending time, and why.

BlueStripe’s flagship product, FactFinder, is the only APM 2.0 solution that automatically identifies complete application systems and provides 24x7 application monitoring and problem management for important production applications across any application architecture, across any server platform: physical, virtual or cloud. 

LoadDynamix (fomerly SwiftTest) headquarter is in Santa Clara, CA - the heart of Silicon Valley. 


LoadDynamix provides intelligent testing solutions for the data center. Its superior technology combines the scalability and flexibility needed to test today’s most sophisticated infrastructures – including storage, network and computing products. SwiftTest helps companies manage risk, saving them millions of dollars in hard costs and resources. It mainly focuses on FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS/SMB and HTTP/HTTPS related storage system test. 


  • Cutting edge IT organizations
  • Leading equipment manufacturers

GigaNet Systems was founded by a group of industry veterans who understand just how important it is that your product performs as expected. Your customers demand that it will perform as promised, and rightfully so. Any downtime or misleading test results will cost them dearly. And, when your customer is unsatisfied, you can bet that it will start to impact your bottom line.


That's why today's development and test labs need network emulators from GigaNet Systems. Effective testing with our network emulators will ensure that your products exceed your customers' expectations. And that will also impact the bottom line - but in the way you want it to.


So why should I buy a network emulator from GigaNet Systems?


4 Words - Performance, Quality, Focus, Value

Performance - First and foremost, we offer only the highest performance products. Unlike most other vendors' products, GigaNet Systems high-performance network emulators use customized ICs to process network traffic and apply the impairments to each frame at full line rate - regardless of packet size. This is critical as even the slightest added delay can cause additional, and unwanted, impairments. Be wary of any vendor using "Max. Performance" or other similar statements. These numbers represent "Best Case" scenarios only and may lead to poor results.


Quality - At GigaNet Systems, we stand behind our products. We want to ensure that the product you purchase from us performs as you expect it to. That's why we include one of the industry's longest standard warranties with every new emulator. 
However, should there be a glitch, we will work with you in a timely manner to both troubleshoot and resolve the issue. At GigaNet Systems, we understand just how critical any issue is to you, and to your test plans.

Focus - Unlike many other equipment vendors, GigaNet Systems is focused solely on network emulators. There is no sharing of development resources or competition for budget dollars between product teams. We are 100% focused on developing and maintaining our network emulators and driving customer satisfaction.

Value - GigaNet Systems is a small company. We don't have any bloated overhead or cumbersome bureaucracy. What this means is that you don't have to pay the higher prices that the larger vendors have to charge in order to cover their higher costs. With GigaNet Systems you get a better product at a much better price. Our small size also allows us to be much more nimble and flexible than our competitors when it comes to things like feature requests. Without the bureaucracy inherent in many large organizations, we can act quicker and be much more collaborative with our customers when new features are required.