FC/ETH Impairment and Latency Emulation System


VirtualSAN is a high-performance Fibre Channel SAN emulator that replicates the conditions and impairments found in real-world storage area networks (SAN). With it, that you can thoroughly test your products, devices, and services, in the controlled environment of your lab and ensure that they meet your, and your customers', performance expectations.


Unlike many test environments today, those with a high-performance SAN emulator have the ability to replicate any number of specific network conditions and truly stress test their products or services in the controlled environment of their labs.


The VirtualSAN Fibre Channel SAN emulator uses customized ICs to support full line-rate performance regardless of the incoming frame sizes, number of impairments, or the specified parameters for impairments. The emulator is also transparently installed in-line as shown in the diagram below. Together, these two factors work to ensure that no other variable has been introduced into your testing and your results are precise.


With an intuitive and easy to use GUI interface and a very powerful TCL based CLI to aid in configuration and testing, the VirtualSAN Fibre Channel SAN emulator delivers the industry's greatest performance and precision to ensure that your tests, and your results, are repeatable and reliable.



Fibre Channel SAN Emulator



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Product Datasheet

VirtualSAN Product Brief
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