SAN Analysis, Test and Monitoring

  With storage networks performance contributes more and more to whole IT application performance, many mid- and large organizations will need SAN troubelshooting, test and monitoring solutions and even professional storage expert services to secure its storage networking system can meet their critical application performance, these tools could be used at the storage system purchasing stage to verify its acutal performance, or it could be used at customer test environment to simulate large amounts of I/O access to the back-end storage systems, or it could be used at production environment to do debug when there is any performance issue with the SAN.  


  • Storage System Stress Testing - LoadDynamix
    • Stress testing tools not only can be used at storage system manufacturers for performance test, but also it can be used at mid- to large organizations to verify storage system performance at storage sysem purchase process. Two typical scenarios are as the following - 
      • Storage system purchase process - Customer can use it to verify the actual performance of the storage system from all tendering parties. 
      • Test environment process - Customer can use it to simulate large quantities of I/O access to the storage system to verify in advance if it can still satisfy the response time requirement of the application system.  


  • SAN Network Impairment and Latency Emluation - GigaNet Systems
    • GigaNet Systems offers impairment and latency emulation function for 4/8G FC SAN and GE/10GE Ethernet TCP/IP protocols.