NPlusT - NAND Flahs测试系统


NplusT was created in December 2002 by Tamás Kerekes’ 20-years experience in the field of electrical semiconductors and reliability testing.The company started with the sales representation of semiconductor equipment and consumable suppliers. In the meantime, qualified engineering services, linked to the represented products, were provided in Europe.In 2003 NplusT started to market "RIFLE", the non-volatile memory engineering tester, and related services. In a few years, this product has become a reference platform for many memory makers.In 2005 Liliom Laboratories, a Hungarian software development company, merged into NplusT. Thanks to this operation, the company became leader in the test data collection and processing segment.From 2008 a dominant portion of NplusT‟s turn-over derived from licensing software products. Today almost every European along with several Far East semicon companies license our software products and make use of qualified engineering services.From 2011, NplusT provides turn-key solutions for device testing and characterization, including hardware, software and support.



The semiconductor industry has had an aggressive growth in the past dozens of years and this trend is supposed to continue. Due to the increasing competition, semicon companies have to face huge investments. Fast and efficient return can be obtained only by optimal equipment utilization together with fast time-to-market of new products. This is more than ever true in the testing, which has become one of the dominant cost drivers in manufacturing.

NplusT supports semicon companies by providing:

  • testing tools for speeding up technology and product development;
  • data collection and processing tools for the efficient data management, crucial for taking right technical and economic decisions;
  • software tools to enhance the test development process;
  • consultancy services and dedicated solutions for optimizing the testing process.

NplusT products and services are being used in:

  • technology development;
  • device characterization;
  • product qualification;
  • production testing, low cost parallel testing;
  • burn-in, test during burn-in.



NanoCycler Datasheet
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Engineering tester for non-volatile memory cells and arrays
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