Application Performance Monitoring


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Decision Criteria for Selecting an Application Performance Management Solution


IT Operations teams face a daunting challenge in managing the health and availability of today’s complex business applications. This challenge stems from the fact that application performance depends on, and is defined by, an increasingly complex system of dependencies, including server performance, middleware and storage systems, co-located applications, and infrastructure and other management tools.


As a result, application support teams lack the visibility they need across the entire application system to isolate and resolve performance problems when they arise. In addition, without understanding what makes up the application system in real-time, and how each component is performing, operations teams have no ability to be proactive in identifying potential issues before they impact customers and end users.


This Proof-of-Concept will demonstrate how BlueStripe FactFinder empowers your organization to go beyond code, beyond transactions, and beyond application stack monitoring to discover, monitor, and manage the performance of complete application systems, including:

  • Transaction requests between all application components
  • The Servers and systems on which the application components reside
  • Middleware, storage, & other resources used by the application
  • Other applications that use those shared resources
  • Infrastructure / Tools that impact availability and share the application resources


Core Capabilities for An Effective Application Performance Management Solution:

Complete Application System Visibility and Mapping:

  1. Isolate Any Application System Problem:
  2. Manage Any Application on Any Platform:
  3. Complete Management Visibility Across Application System Changes:
  4. No Admin Needed!